The Alphonse Daudet Museum

If one seeks rich history places to discover in the Department of Ardèche, in the region Rhône-Alpes Auvergne, we can go to the Museum Alphonse Daudet. It is located in the town of Saint Alban Auriolles. In this place, one can discover the history of silk and the Ardèche in the past through several exposed elements. These represent the family country house of Alphonse Daudet.


The Daudet Museum eis formerly the Vignasse DSS. This famous name, the value of the Occitan language much more accurate than the french. The Vignasse has as meaning a large vine. In 1645, the Reynaud family acquires the mas. After hard work, the family managed to grow this area by integrating the production of silk. She kept the House until 1936. She then left it to the writer and journalist Roger Ferlet. However, the new owner has maintained the place like what did all the descendants of the Reynaud family. He has even made this place a Museum in honor of the prolific family which inhabited the site. It brought together thousands of memories of the life and work of Alphonse Daudet. The gathering of all the elements on this place took several years to Roger Ferlet. As he is a lover of all the works of Daudet, it brought everything in 40 years. Then there are portraits, more than 300 autographs letters, letters from my mill and various other objects.
The Museum also has former agrarian instruments such as those of the time of Louis XIV, a d burner end 18th century still or even old grain measurement.
As a whole, the appearance of the mas is still preserved. We can still enjoy rustic furniture or memories of the past. The architecture of the place was not as affected. There is always a lime kiln, a spinner oven, an oven with chestnuts or a bread oven in its interior.

Practical information

Access to this museum is regulated. It is open to the public between mid-April and the end of August. During this period, it is open every day. The tour is at 2.30 pm, 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm. Between the months of July and August, there are also additional visits at 10:15, 11:30 and 17:30 except Saturdays. Altogether there are 8 exhibition halls in the Museum.
Can be themed according to the age of the visitors in the museum visits. There are also games and animations offered to visitors. Children of less than 6 years have free admission. For adults who are part of a group, the entry is 3.50 euros. Each child in a group pays the entrance to 2.50 euros. For adults who are not in groups, it varies between 4 to 5 euros, and for children from 2.40 to 3 euros.

This museum has only 13 Km of Aluna holidays in the Ardèche camping

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