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during your

A multitude of activities during your holiday

If for you holidays are synonymous of activities, entertainment and at times of relaxation, spend them camping Sunêlia Aluna vacation 5 stars. Hotel outdoor high range has what it takes to make you live unforgettable moments, whether you're with family, friends, lovers, or even solo. Not only it has various facilities to welcome you but there also a whole team of animators will motivate you and who will organize competitions of all kinds to make you happy. In general, the animations are more frequent between the months of June and August.

Aquatic activities

If you want to spend a holiday feet in the water, the campsite offers a large water park. It consists of large and heated and outdoor pools. You can spend all your time from 10: 00 until 20: 00 in the evening. This park also has rivers at cross-purposes or slides if you loved the thrills. And if you rather relax, you can relax in the pools of hot water or pool bubbling. The bubbles will give you a feeling of well-being unequivocally.
If you're traveling with children who cannot swim yet, you can take them to the pool.
It also happens from time to time where events take place in the pool. So, you can participate in water aerobics.

Other activities

Throughout the summer, camping employs french and foreign entertainers to animate various activities. They coach of sports activities like fitness, dance etc. They animate sports, competitions and many other tournaments still. Among the sports entertainment for you to participate, there are football, badminton, petanque and many others still. It should be noted that the campsite has land for games of balloons and a tennis court. To play in high season, you pay.
Those who love table tennis also have tables available.
In addition, if you are not really that athletic, you can participate in poker tournaments. You can also play darts.

Activities outside the campsite

When you tire a little stay on the campsite Aluna Vacances, you can organize outings to do outdoor activities. You have the choice between hiking, bicycle rides or car rides in the villages that surround Ruoms, where camping. You can choose like destination the Gorges of the Ardèche, visit the famous bridge of Arc, castles and medieval buildings located around the open air hotel. If you loved the very old stories, take a trip to the caves in the area.
After your trips, you can return to the campsite to relax. You can book a session of massage relaxation, spa and well-being space before going to sleep.


The campsite features a football field, a tennis court (financial participation in high season), a volleyball field, a badminton field,a basketball field, ping pongtables,jeu-de-boules fields, and an outdoor fitness area...
everything to enjoy your holiday in a sporty way!

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