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Circus arts

Would you like your vacation to be one of discovery?

Stay at our campsite in Ruoms, Aluna Vacances, part of the Yelloh! Village offers a range of family activities, including an introduction to circus arts (July-August).

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A unique activity at your campsite

At our Ardèche campsite, we are committed to offering a variety of activities so that campers will always find something to keep them busy during their stay. Our flagship activities include anintroduction to the circus arts, giving you the chance to discover a unique discipline. The Aluna Vacances campsite organizes this activity during the summer vacations, from July to August. Initiation is 100% free and open to all campers.

During an introduction to circus arts, you’ll learn how to perform one of the disciplines found in traditional circuses. The more athletic can try their hand at aerial fabric, while the more daring can try their hand at flying trapeze, the more agile at juggling, the calmer atbalancing, and so on. Discover your hidden talents, get your adrenaline pumping and leave with unforgettable memories!

Introduce yourself to the circus with family and friends

While an introduction to the circus arts is sure to appeal to the little ones, the older ones won’t be outdone!
Everyone, including teenagers, adults and even the elderly, can take part in the workshops we organize.
It’s worth noting that the activities are led and directed by seasoned circus performers.
Rest assured, the facilities for budding circus performers comply with safety standards.

In any case, there’s no shortage of reasons to take part in the initiation.
This activity at our campsite in Ruoms keeps you busy, learning and having fun.
Workshops are moments to strengthen solidarity with family and friends, but they are also opportunities to forge new bonds with other campers.
Your learning session will help you create beautiful vacation memories!