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Drink at the edge of the pool

At the 5 star camping Sunelia Aluma holiday, You will have everything you need to spend a complete holiday. Besides the comfortable accommodations, the facilities to do activities of all kinds, you will also have at your disposal places to Rest. Besides the gardens, the edges of the swimming pool or the restaurant and the places where you can picnic, the campsite also has a bar. It is a corner made to help you to quench your thirst in solo, in love, with family or with your FRIENDS. You can also make new Encounters.

Description of the Bar

The Sunelia Aluma Camping Bar is located by the Pool. It opens on the outside through a covered terrace that extends into the Garden. Several places are therefore offered to customers who want to spend a good time.
From this bar you can have a panoramic view of the stage where the shows organized in this campsite are HELD. In this case you can order drinks and snacks and attend the various presentations on the Stage. You will not have to get up from your Table.
On the terrace you have also at your disposal tables of Foosball. You can arrange small games with your loved ones or with the other guests of the bar. If you enjoyed watching TV outside of the rooms reserved for this or your shelter, you can also follow shows, special events or movies without moving from the bar.

What to take at the bar?

As the 5 star camping Sunelia Aluma holiday is a family campsite, its bar is therefore not reserved only for the big people or the Majors. Everyone can go there and order in Drinks.
You will be able to take all the members of your family There. You and your wife or husband can have a delicious cocktail in a warm atmosphere. Your children and those who do not take alcohol will be able to order fruit juices or Sodas.
If you are with buddies, you can have cold beers or Alcohol. Don't forget to taste the wines that are part of the local products of the Ardèche. You will be able to share with your loved ones strong moments.
During cold weather or in the morning at breakfast time, you can order hot drinks at the bar. tea, coffee, Hot Chocolate and many more will be offered.
In the summer you can even order a good cup of ice for you and your Children. Several fragrances will be made available to You. You just have to take a table to enjoy the Tasting.
If you had small dips or if you wanted to accompany your drinks with a few things to eat, you can also order food at the camping snack. We offer you fries of all kinds, fried potatoes and many other dishes that prepare quickly.

or fresh drinks
, there's everything you want
at the bar!

Here, you can play foosball on the terrace
or watch major events on the television inside!

You can also enjoy an ice cream in the sun!

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