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and festive
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Unforgettable performances and festive nights

Holidays in the campsites are synonymous with festive and friendly atmosphere. Regardless of the number of stars the hotel of full, he must always keep that spirit of celebration. It is precisely the case in the campsite 5 star Sunêlia Aluna holiday. Outdoor activities are offered to all residents in the good atmosphere. There are also shows dedicated to all members of the family. Everyone can therefore attend or participate in these events.

In season and in low season

During high season, the animations are more important in the campsite. There are dedicated teams to make various animations. Some leading parties of exceptions. Others offer quality shows. Sometimes even where open air top range hotel brought from other artists to perform.
There is not that musicians who enliven the holiday at the campsite 5 star Sunêlia Aluna holiday. Sometimes magicians are also invited to do tricks to entertain residents and residents.
During the low seasons, the animations are lighter that is less frequent. Generally, they are held on the weekends. You can also enjoy shows for long Bank holiday weekends even in low season.
But if you really want to attend great shows in this site, you have to stay there during the third weekend of the month of June. During this period, the Aluna festival is in full swing. So you can attend large parties with renowned national and international artists. This event lasts at least three days. You can enjoy these days and evenings for partying with some 20,000 other people. It is a special occasion to attend a big outdoor show. Then when you feel tired, you can relax in your rental. You can also order to drink and eat at the bar and the restaurant.

Do others in the campground?

When there are no shows or special activities, campers can always indulge in fun activities on the site of open air hotel. Games and various competitions are available to campers. They can participate in poker, sports competitions that take place on the sports fields, etc.
But even if you're not really very sportsman or party, you can still have fun. For example, you can do karaoke. You will be so no viewer or spectator, but you'll be yourself the artist.
It is also possible to attend film screenings. In the show room, you will be like in the movies. You can spend great time with your loved ones. You can also make new friends.

for the whole family!

During low season, there will be less activities:
special evenings will be organised for long bank holiday weekends :
various games, poker, film screenings, karaoke..

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