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The Camping Aluna Vacances cashless bracelet

More money, more problems! You’ve probably heard this phrase before, but if we allow ourselves a very free interpretation, we understand the spirit of the cashless bracelet. No more worries about remembering to take your wallet or not daring to go for a swim while leaving your bag unattended. Discover the freedom of cashless wristbands on vacation!

What is cashless?

It’s a totally paperless means of payment.

It’s your electronic wallet for the vacations!
Don’t bother going to the pool with your wallet, Cashless is here to lighten your load.

And in practice?

When you arrive at the campsite, you’ll be given two wristbands per family, equipped with a Cashless chip. They’re water-resistant and can be used all year round!
Once on your wrist, load your bracelet at the home page. Payment methods accepted: cash, vacation vouchers or luncheon vouchers!
You can also load your bracelet online, via your account!
Please note: no refunds will be made at the end of your stay for purchases made with vacation vouchers or luncheon vouchers.

You must create an account via this page once you have the bracelet.

You can charge your bracelet as many times as you like during your stay.
Then simply use your wristband to pay for and consume any of our services!

Is this the only method of payment accepted on site?

No, we also accept credit cards (except for holiday balances, where all payments are accepted)!

When you arrive at reception, you can pay the balance of your stay – if necessary – by one of the accepted methods of payment: credit card, cash or vacation vouchers.

Then we’ll ask you to load a cashless wristband for payments in all our other services (no vacation vouchers, luncheon vouchers or cash will be accepted directly in our services)! However, credit cards are still accepted.

How can I get more bracelets?

The first two wristband activations are free.
However, you can get as many bracelets as you like! Any additional activation will be charged at €1.

Equip your children with bracelets and manage their pocket money! You choose the amount credited to their bracelet and teach them self-sufficiency.

My bracelet is broken, what can I do?

In the event of a malfunction: bring the faulty wristband to reception.

How do I block my Cashless bracelet in the event of loss or theft?

Log in to your account, select your media and block it from further use.

A new wristband will be given to you by reception. You will be charged €1 for the activation fee.

How can I track my expenses?

You can access your account details directly from this page. The balance may be displayed at a later time depending on network coverage.
If you wish, our teams in each department can tell you your exact remaining balance.

I have credits left and my stay is over

No problem at all!
You have the option of having any remaining credits refunded online, directly to your cashless account. You have up to 15 days after the campsite closes to make this request.

A fee of 1.00€ will be retained for any refund.

Please do not hesitate to contact reception if you have any questions.